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Yankee Stadium is supposed to be played in again tomorrow night.  I hope
everything is okay in the best stadium in the world.  Anyway--for those
Andy Pettitte fans out there, yesterday we won against Toronto.  The score
was 9 to 1 and Andy pitched his first full game of the season.  Another win
for Andy.  I am so proud.  That's all for now.  They do not play again until

Well--as many Yankee fans know, Yankee Stadium is closed for repairs.  
Very sad, considering it is supposed to celebrate its 75th Anniversary
this Saturday.  The Yankees will be playing at Shea Stadium.  And let me
just say--I think the Mets fans are being a little obnoxious about the
whole thing.  They don't want the Yanks there because they think it will
jinx their season.  All I have to say to that is--the Yanks will probaby
help their season.  Loyal Yankee fan to the end--thats me.  I'll update 
more when something interesting happens.  

Well, I didn't update the day after the first game.  I was a little
upset that Andy lost.  And then to top it all off, he lost his second 
game too.  But everything is better now because he won yesterday.  He
won his first game of 1998 against the Oakland Athletics at Yankee 
Stadium yesterday.  So now his record is 1-2.  He's getting there.  
I am also adding pictures to the page now.  I am at home for the Easter 
holiday and have access to a scanner.  So be on the look-out for them.

Well--today is opening day.  Finally, the baseball season is back.  The 
Yankees first game is tomorrow night--against Anaheim.  And guess what 
else--Andy is pitching.  Woo Hoo!!!!  I will update tomorrow on how he 
is doing.    

Still not much to report.  My parents sent me a new picture of Andy
today.  And my friend volunteered to scan in a few pictures so that I 
could put some pictures of him on the page.  So hopefully in a few days 
they will be up. 

Nothing much to report on the News front.  At least not until baseball 
season starts.  I heard that Andy will be pitching the first game of the 
season from my parents.  They readily support this obsession.  Basically 
because it makes me happy.  Hopefully something exciting will happen soon.
Pictures are going to go up as soon as I can scan them in.  I do not have a 
scanner in my dorm room so people are going to have to be patient.  

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